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Seven years

September 7, 2010

Yesterday was the hub’s and my wedding anniversary. Seven years!

We had a wonderful weekend away – one of the hub’s fraternity brothers from college was getting married in Michigan, so we decided to have the ILs watch the kiddos and enjoy an anniversary weekend – just the two of us.

The wedding was near the western coast of Michigan, not far from Lake Michigan. The weather was a lot cooler and windier than we had anticipated (I had to buy a zip up hoodie from Target because all I’d packed were t-shirts), but the area was still lovely.

Saturday morning we went to the downtown area of the town. It was a few blocks from the beach and there was a craft fair going on. The town has a nice harbor with a lot of boats and yachts, and it was neat to see them all docked.

We don’t get to see many docks full of boats in our area!

There was also a nice pedestrian bridge that had barrels of beautiful begonias planted along the railing.

The weather Sunday was a little warmer and calmer, so we decided to take a little scenic drive down the coast before we got back on the interstate.

The gull didn’t seem to phased by us clomping around in the sand.


Our actual anniversary date was spent painting and putting more things away in the new house. Not very exciting, or romantic, but we were together with the kids, and that’s all that matters.

Happy Seventh Anniversary, hub! Here’s to 77 more.

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