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The only downside to not working

September 16, 2010

is trying to fill the time in my days.

I thought it would be easy – I could do all these fun activities with the kidlet, make all these fabulous meals and have a spotless house.

But you know what? That’s not quite how it’s worked out.

On an average week day, I get up around 7. Hopefully I have time to shower before I have to get the kiddo up for preschool. I get everyone ready and trundled out the door shortly after 8. Drop the kiddo off at preschool and most days the kidlet and I go back home. We eat our breakfasts, I have my much-needed coffee and check the computer while she watches Sesame Street. Once a week we’ll go straight to the grocery store and do our shopping instead.

After that we usually go on a walk with the dog. That takes about an hour. Then we eat some lunch, pick up and do whatever until we have to pick up the kiddo.

Then, we do whatever again until it’s time for supper. Sometimes they play downstairs where all their toys are. Sometimes we have to run errands. Sometimes we go down to the farm to see Papa. Sometimes (not often) they get to watch the TiVo’d shows from earlier in the week. The kidlet has begun to refuse a nap because she wants to be around her big brother since he’s gone at school the rest of the day.

We eat supper, go outside and play and then it’s time to get ready for bed. Sometimes it’s bath night, sometimes not. Read, sing and bedtime for the kiddos. And I’ve discovered that I can’t even relax and watch TV after they’re in bed because the kiddo’s room is right by the living room and he will prop his door open to see what I’m watching (and after a day of PBS and Disney Channel, it’s usually not something kid-friendly). So I either have to wait an hour until I know he’s asleep or I just go to my room and read. Most of the time they’re in bed around 8pm.

Not to mention that the hub is still in our old house for another week, so I’m doing this all as solo mom. *sigh*

However, I am loving the one-on-one time I get with the kidlet. And the kiddo loves school. And the house is slowly coming together. Very slowly. Maybe I just haven’t found my groove yet as a SAH mom. Hopefully I will soon.

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