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Field work

November 8, 2010

Even though harvest was complete before Halloween, there’s still fieldwork that has to be done before winter sets in. So that’s what the hub has been working on for the past week or so.

His main jobs were stalk cutting and chiseling. The kids and I went out and did a ride along one day while he was chiseling.

The tractor hooked up to the chisel isn’t quite as spacious (or as comfortable) as the combine, but we managed. The ride was bumpy though, and I think we all bonked heads at  some time.

This was the view from the hub’s “office” for a better part of the last few weeks.

And this view. I could handle having this view every day!

The chisel plow is a tillage tool used to break up the soil. Anyone who’s tried to plant a garden knows that if you don’t break up the soil, your plants don’t grow as well. It’s the same for a farm, just on a much larger scale. A chisel is considered a less invasive tool that gets down and breaks up the soil where needed, but does it in a way that lessens erosion when compared to other means of tilling.

That’s what goes down into the ground and breaks up the soil.

It’s pulled behind a tractor and controlled from inside the cab.

You can kind of see here where the chisel has been (conveniently assisted by the windshield wiper on the tractor). The plowed area is darker with the overturned dirt while the unplowed area is still light with corn stalks.

Fieldwork is almost done for the year, so soon we’ll come into the “slower” time on the farm. There’s still plenty of work to be done – fixing and upkeep of machinery, some livestock chores, but the 12-hour days are done until next spring.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with field work (aside from the fact it’s the hub driving the tractor), I just like it.

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