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Remodeling dreams

November 16, 2010

The hub and I are both definitely DIYers when it comes to home projects. I think between the two of us and the three or four places we’ve lived since we met each other, we’ve repainted around 18 rooms, replaced four floors, installed eight light fixtures, stripped more wallpaper than we wanted to, and completely remodeled two bathrooms and a kitchen.

We knew the house we moved into when we moved up here would need some work. It’s a mid-century ranch that has a great layout for our family but needed some updating. The previous owners had started some projects but weren’t able to do much before they had to sell the house. So we bought a house with a lot of unfortunate wallpaper, a half-refinished kitchen (with original cabinets, though) and some questionable paint choices. Oh, and quite a few light fixture installations that have the hub shaking his head and muttering some choice words under his breath when trying to replace them. I mean, who uses 3″ long wood screws to install an electrical box? Those people did, evidently.

So far we’ve managed to strip off all the offending wallpaper – save what’s left in the kitchen – and repaint almost every room in the upstairs along with replacing three light fixtures. We also had a sliding glass door installed in the dining room. There’s a lovely, large deck off the back of the house, but there was no way to get to it from *inside* the house. You had to go through the utility room, out the three-seasons room, outside and then up the three steps to get on the deck.

Our next big project is the bathroom.

It’s a nice-sized full bath, about 9×7.5 But it’s very 50s (hello pink tile!) with some random updates thrown in from the last 15 years (I’m looking at you pinkish linoleum with gray cove base). I know some people will cringe when we say we want to update it, because it’s true to the era of the house. And I don’t want to make it a cold, modern bathroom with oodles of marble and stainless steel. While I think that style has its place (and looks really cool) it’s place is not our house with two small children who like to get in to bathroom drawers and play in Mommy’s makeup.

I just want to make it more functional for our family. Because right now the shower head is installed at a height of about 5′. That’s rather short when the hub and I are 6’4″ and 5’10” respectively. On the upside, I feel like I’m getting a good back bend in every time I take a shower. On the downside, I’m always afraid I’m going to slip and hit my head on something. Then there’s the fact the faucet for the sink is loose, and can’t be installed any tighter, and the faucet for the tub has about 2″ of exposed pipe from the backside of the faucet to the tub surround.

We’d like to put in a double sink and maybe some storage above the toilet, as that’s at a premium in that room. I’d also like to do white beadboard where the tile is currently (mostly to save us a ton of time, money and frustration in trying to match the texture of the top of the wall to where the tile currently is when we take it down).

I’m thinking maybe something like this:

One thing I am hesitant to change is the trim and door. The rest of the house has the original oak (I think?) trim and I don’t want to paint over that just in the bathroom. So if I keep the trim, I’d like to find a vanity that comes somewhat close to matching it. I’ve got my eye on this one from Home Depot, but have yet to see it in person.

The double sink would definitely speed up the process of getting four people up and around in the morning and to bed at night (this is the only bath on the main floor, where all the bedrooms are) but instead of the green top as shown, I’d go with white. And do oval medicine cabinets. And maybe white tile on the floor, though that’s dependent on what we *can* do to the floor and if we need to install a subfloor or not. A white tub would finish out the major work.

Then I want to paint the upper part of the wall, above the beadboard, some shade of blue. My current favorites are these two from Valspar, which is what the local hardware store carries.

Dreaming about remodeling is always the fun part. The actual working (and paying) for the remodeling is another story all together. But now that it’s getting colder and the field work is done, the hub has time to get started. And I’ll have the fun part of keeping the kids out of his way while he works. I sense a lot of trips to Grandma and Papa’s when that happens.


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  1. December 6, 2010 4:35 pm

    Hey, did you know there’s an entire website devoted to saving pink bathrooms?

    It was really hard to do, but we tore out our pink tile. If we could have matched it, I’d probably have kept it. But our bathroom is so much more soothing and comfortable now that it isn’t pink. We went with a blue color pretty similar to those, but a bit lighter.

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