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This is what happens

November 27, 2010

when I leave the hub in charge of our kids for a few hours.

My mom and I went on a Wine Walk that or local Chamber of Commerce organized at the stores in town. It was a lot of fun and we got to try some very good local, Midwestern and national/international wines. The hub stayed with the kids (payback for the 4-5 weeks I was here by myself with the kids while he was still living in our old city finishing up some work things). I came back home a few hours later to be greeted by a valiant knight

and a daughter dressed in I don’t know what.

Evidently the kidlet had gotten into some bubble stuff downstairs and spilled it all over her pajamas. Being two, she was very adamant she choose what she wanted to wear and decided on hot pink tights, a tattoo-print skirt and her pajama shirt. I won’t say anything about her still being in her pajamas at 5pm because if I had a choice, I’d probably still be in my pajamas, too, at that time.

Love those kids.


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