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The real reason parents have kids

November 30, 2010

is to keep them (the parents) entertained, right? I don’t remember laughing as hard or as often as I have after we had our two goofballs.

The kiddo is an attention-seeking ham. Sometimes we have to remind him to tone it down or save it for an appropriate time, but he’s always looking for attention. Case in point:

He found these super cool swim goggles at the ILs over the weekend and was wearing them around their house. My BIL/SIL brought their kids as well, including their 6-month-old daughter and the kiddo was having a fun time pretending to fall down and make her laugh. She loved his antics (and it also gave me hope if we ever try for kid #3, he’ll be great with another younger sibling).

He also has great unintentional comic timing. There was a commercial on TV last night for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and I made an offhand comment to the hub about scantily clad women on TV. The kiddo, who was getting ready for bed at the time, choses that moment to come out of the bathroom and inquire (very loudly) “Hey, what are you guys talking about?” The hub and I just died laughing because his timing was too perfect. We’ve learned to be very cognizant of what we say around the kids. Little pitchers and all that…

The kidlet has her own charms, most of which currently involve fantastic facial expressions.

She’s really enjoying herself though it looks as if she’s holding on for dear life.

Despite your average sibling scuffles, they do generally play together fairly well. The kidlet loves her big brother and wants to be like him a lot of times. For example, yesterday he was SuperMan, so he decided the kidlet was going to be SuperGirl.

Complete with dishtowl cape, protective helmet (that she had to hold on to because it’s too big) and fashionable purse! Oh, and light-up boots, but I didn’t get those in the picture.

She knows how to use her charms when she wants something. She’ll come up to one of us, bat those long eyelashes and say “Peeeease?” with a big ol’ saucy smile. We’ve found reverse psychology works on her and all we have to do is tell her not to do whatever it is we want her to do and she’ll do it. I really hope that doesn’t backfire on us, though I’m sure it will one of these days.

We all have our moments, but I love these kiddos with all my heart.

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