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Oh Christmas Tree

December 12, 2010

For as long as the hub and I have been married, we’ve gotten a real tree for Christmas. When we lived in our old house, we had 10′ ceilings in the living room, so we would get a tall, skinny tree to put in the window next to the fireplace. We’d go to a local tree farm and look through the pre-cut trees they had in their barn. Sometimes we’d get a Scotch pine, others a Frasier Fir. The last two years I think we opted for a blue spruce tree.

But the ceilings are standard height (around 8′) in our new house, so we had to settle for something a little shorter. But that meant we could also cut our own, instead of having to rely on pre-cut trees.

We went to a local tree farm that’s owned by the family of one of my high school classmates. My parents had been getting their Christmas tree from there for years, and I remember going along some years when I was in college to help them pick it out. The best thing is while you’re waiting for your tree to be shaken and wrapped, they have a little heated shed with free apple cider, peanuts and cookies to snack on.

It had snowed the night before we decided to go out, and was rather chilly with a brisk wind, so we bundled the kids up in their big coats and snowpants and headed out.

We had to explain to the kiddo that the trees have to grow for a long time before they get big enough to use for Christmas trees.

He let us know this one was too small, still.

These trees were bigger, but not quite tall enough yet. (The wind made it hard to keep our eyes open some times.)

The kidlet preferred to be carried by daddy.

“Are you sure it’s not going to poke me, daddy? Those needles look awfully pokey.”

The farm had a very pretty dog named Libby that was helpful in picking out just the right tree.

Once we found just the right one, the guys came and cut it down for us.

Then we took it home, set it up and discovered the three strings of lights we usually put on the tree weren’t working, so I had to go buy new lights. And then it seemed I could never find the time (or the motivation) to decorate it.

But finally, I decided Friday night I needed to decorate it; the tree  looked very sad and lonely with just the lights and star. The kids were in bed, the hub was gone, so I put in Elf and got to work.

I think it turned out pretty good (though it looks like it’s leaning a little here, huh.) It’s especially pretty at night when all the other lights in the house are off.

I will admit, though, it’s not quite as fun to decorate now as it was when I was younger, especially as I’m the one who always has to pack the ornaments back in their boxes after Christmas.

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