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January 8, 2011

My bedroom dresser is atrocious. No matter how clean I *try* to keep it, it always ends up in a jumble of jewelry, kids’ items, assorted papers and odds and ends.

A few months ago, I was inspired by an article in Real Simple on organizing for your personality.

It was interesting, and pretty. I especially connected with the right-brain personality ideas and thought the idea for jewelry would work well in our room (minus the bust, that might be a little unsettling waking up and seeing that in the middle of the night). During a trip to a consignment shop to look for a console table for our front hall, I found a cute little “Memo Center” but decided it would work better as my necklace organizer.

The final product:

The backing really isn’t thick enough for the push pins, though. I have a little bag of small wooden clothespins around here somewhere from a baby shower I threw a friend a few years ago. Those would work much better, I think, but finding them will be the challenge.

That took care of my tangle of necklaces, but I still had all my big, chunky bangle bracelets to contend with.

They were everywhere on my dresser.

They took up a goodly amount of space. Space that could be used to set *other* stuff on. Like books or glasses or small toys that get confiscated at bedtime because they are a distraction to little children who need to be sleeping.

So I came up with the brilliant idea of using a paper towel holder (the stand-up kind that you usually put on your kitchen counter) to organize my bangle bracelets. Only I’m cheap economical and didn’t want to pay full-price for one. The nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army store is 20-30 minutes away, and takes pre-planning to go to (with our without kids). So I let it sit for a few months while I procrastinated.

But then, Target to the rescue. They had a cute bamboo paper towel holder on clearance for around $5.

It doesn’t really match anything in our room, but that’s okay. I’m not really going for the matchy-matchy look anyway.

And doesn’t it look so much better now?

I put my smaller bangles and elastic-style bracelets on the smaller post and saved the big one for my more substantial bracelets.

Sure, I may have to dig through a few to get to the particular bracelet I want, but it’s much better than having them strewn about my dresser.

Besides, I think they look kind of cool all stacked up like that.

Plus, there’s room at the top for a few more!

Now, I just need to figure out something to do with my earrings.

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