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Too fast

January 10, 2011

My kiddos are growing way to fast for my liking.

We noticed that the kidlet’s darling dress she wore for Christmas had gotten a *tad* risque since she wore it last in November. She’d only had it barely two and a half months, surely she couldn’t have grown that much that quickly.

But she did.

I know it’s hard to tell scale with the shot this close up, but that’s roughly an inch between the mark made on 12/4 and the one on 12/31. AN INCH! In barely four weeks!

Measure me mommy! (with the remnants of supper still on her face).

In our old house, we’d kept track of the kids’ growth on the doorframe between the dining room and the kitchen. It was the perfect place for it – the frame was about 6″ wide and painted white. When we sold the house, the hub grabbed a spare length of wood he had and marked the heights down on it, so we could keep track in our new house as well.

The kiddo hadn’t grown quite that much in the past month, but he still managed a respectable 3/4″.

He’s still the tallest kid in his preschool class.

Oh my little bubbaloo. You need to quit growing. For just a little bit. We can’t afford to buy you new pants and shoes every two months!

I’m just hoping the kidlet hasn’t inherited my gigantic size 10 feet. So far, her feet have stayed relatively small (compared to the rest of her). The cute shoe selection just isn’t as good when you break into the double digits. Trust me, I know!

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  1. January 11, 2011 2:14 pm

    Mine grow insanely fast too, including the feet. Although I’ve been talking about it for ages, I’ve never found a place for marking heights like that. I need to do it, and soon. How often do you measure/mark? Are the marks color-coded?

    • January 11, 2011 6:20 pm

      There’s no color-coding, the difference in color is whatever pen we can find on any given day. We used to try and measure about once a month, but it’s evolved into whenever we remember or when the kids request it.

      The previous owners in this house marked their kids’ height on the edge of the doors. It’s kind of interesting, you can only see it when the doors are open.

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