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Snow people

January 21, 2011
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Monday was a lovely day (compared to today, anyway) with temperatures hovering right around 32 degrees and a light snowfall. The kiddo had been wanting to make a snowman for ages, but the temperatures had always been just too cold and the snow too dry and powdery.

But not Monday, Monday was perfect. The pre-K class at the kiddo’s school had built a snowman during their outside play time, and the kiddo’s class retaliated, building and even taller snowman.

So I promised the kiddo we could build one at home that afternoon.

We actually built two – a snow brother and a snow sister! They had figs for eyes, baby carrots for noses and peanuts for a mouth. (In retrospect, the peanuts weren’t the best idea – they were salted and kept melting the snow and falling out! I think that made the squirrels very happy, however.) The kiddos helped, packing in the snow around the bodies so they wouldn’t fall over.

With their respective snow people.

“See mommy! That’s me!”

I made sure the kidlet had better mittens on this time, so we didn’t have a repeat of the last attempt to play outside. She had a blast making “snowballs” and tossing them at people (which was more like scooping up a big handful of snow and dumping on the hapless victim at point-blank range). The snow had gotten rather deep in the backyard, though, so she constantly needed assistance in walking around until we had packed it down some.

“Help me, mommy!”

The kiddo just had a blast sitting and playing (and tasting, which is what I think he was doing here.)

Even daddy got in on the action.

I love the look on the kidlet’s face here.

After a good hour of playing outside (the kiddos’ cheeks were good and rosy) I declared it was time to head inside and have hot chocolate and popcorn. Even the slightest mention of hot chocolate is enough to send the kids running toward the door, so it wasn’t too hard of a sell.

The hub had to run down to my parents and grab a loader tractor to clear off the excess snow pushed up by the plow (or we can’t see the cars coming down the road, which is kind of a problem) so I settled the kids down with their popcorn, hot chocolate and The Muppet Movie.

They liked it very much, which makes me happy because The Muppets were some of my favorite characters growing up.

The kiddo can’t wait to go outside again and play, but unfortunately, the temps have dropped significantly (today was around -14 when we woke up. Yes, that’s Negative 14). He’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. But the kidlet loves to look out the sliding glass window and say hello to the snow brother and sister.

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