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Monday Meal Plan

February 14, 2011
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Here’s what on the menu for this week:

Monday (Valentine’s Day Feast): broiled steak, sour cream mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, Pioneer Woman’s pear clafouti, Prairie Moon Honey Moon wine
Tuesday (back to boring): chicken cous cous, vegetable
Wednesday: turkey swedish meatballs, whole wheat noodles
Thursday: chicken tacos, Mexican rice
Friday: spaghetti with meat sauce, vegetable, garlic toast
Saturday: stuffed pork burgers, sweet potato fries
Sunday: beef stew

I’m hitting the stage where I feel like I’m making the same meals over and over. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I do tend to get in a rut and make “easy” things when I don’t have any inspiration. I like meals that either can cook in the crock pot all day or take less than an hour to prepare. Dirtying less than four pots/pans/bowls while making the meal is an added bonus, as I’m also the chief dishwasher along with head chef in this kitchen.

I’ve also hit the mid-winter doldrums. Soups and stews and hearty fare is all fun and good to make when it’s November or December, but but mid-February, I’m ready for lighter fare – grilled burgers or chicken breasts, fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob. It doesn’t help that Mother Nature has teased us with temperatures around 40 degrees for the last few days, and I’ve seen facebook statuses of people talking about grilling this weekend (and it’s kind of difficult to grill when you don’t currently own a grill – that might be an early birthday present for the hub this year). I’ll have to make do with broiled steaks for tonight.

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