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He’s going to be a heartbreaker

February 16, 2011

Last week the kiddo announced to us that he was going to marry one of the cute little girls in his preschool class.

The next day he decided, no, he wasn’t going to marry that little girl, he was going to marry a different little girl and even gave her one of the biggest Valentines from his box of precut Toy Story valentines he got to hand out to his classmates. He even wanted to write “Will you marry me” on it, but we convinced him his name was enough.

And the next day, it was a different girl yet again (though, her mom informed me that her daughter had told her she was going to marry the kiddo, so at least we know the feeling is mutual).

When I asked him this morning on the way to school, he declared he was going back to the first girl he was going to marry last week. Because “you can’t marry three girls at once.”

No, no you can’t. At least not in this state.

Oh kiddo. Let’s just get through preschool before you start deciding who your wife is going to be. You’ve got plenty of time.

Though, with his red hair, big brown eyes, goofy lopsided smile and solo dimple, I can already tell he’s going to break some hearts.

Let’s just hope I have at least 10-15 years before I need to start worrying about that.

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