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Poor kiddo

March 3, 2011

The kiddo woke up sick today, so that means no school for him.

It always pulls at my heart to see my kiddos sick. As a mom, I want to make them feel better, but sometimes I can’t. I just have to let it run its course.

He looks real sick, there doesn’t he?

We tried some graham crackers, water and a banana for breakfast, but those all came back up about 2 hours later. He’s already declared he just wants toast, applesauce and water for lunch and supper.

When we were sick growing up, that meant a day on the couch in our pajamas watching either daytime TV or movie after movie from our array of VHS tapes. I told the kiddo he has to rest, but maybe I’ll let him watch a movie this afternoon.

He decided he didn’t want any more pictures taken.

But the kidlet did.

Take a picture of me, mommy!

Her goofy cheese face. At least her eyes are kind of open in this one.

Because the kiddo missed school today, he has an extra long weekend to prepare for his 5th birthday. There’s no school tomorrow due to parent-teacher conferences. A five-day weekend, wouldn’t that be nice?

Let’s just hope he feels better for his party on Sunday and can go back to school on Monday. He gets to bring treats for his class, but they have to be either non-food or storebought treats due to school and Head Start regulations. Some kid have brought fruit snacks, little snack cakes, suckers, candy or pencils for their birthdays. I’m going to be the Not Fun mom and suggest we bring in something like pencils or bouncy balls. I don’t mind treats, but I don’t know what other family’s rules are, you know?


Post-lunch ETA: the kiddo appears miraculously rejuvenated and is currently building “houses” out of couch cushions instead of resting. Sick my Aunt Fanny.

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