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Happy Birthday Kiddo!

March 9, 2011

The kiddo turned five on Monday. Five! We had just a small family party on Sunday, made even smaller by the fact my parents are vacationing halfway around the world in Australia right now and my middle sister and her family were unable to attend.

That also meant I was in charge of baking the cake for the kiddo. My sister usually takes care of that (and is awesome at it) but she texted me about 1pm on Saturday saying they weren’t going to be able to come, and I better have a backup plan for the cake. Uh oh.

Martha Stewart I am not, but despite the somewhat sad physical appearance of the cake, it still tasted good. Especially as it ended up being a four-layer cake after I remembered at 8pm on Saturday night (after I’d baked two yellow rounds) that the kiddo had requested chocolate. Thank goodness the one grocery store in town is open until 9pm (but not on Sunday) and I ran and got another cake mix.

It’s a little wobbly thanks to my attempt to make the layers even for stacking, and the frosting I used for the scrolls and decorating was a little soft (plus gel frosting isn’t the best to use for writing, it tends to run) but it still tasted good.

I think I’ll leave the cake baking and decorating to my sister.

All the weeks leading up to his birthday, the kiddo had been informing us of what he wanted for presents, usually changing them three or four times a day. We tried to remind him that it’s not about getting presents and to be happy with what he does get, but I don’t know if it sunk in.

Daddy explaining the Mater’s Tall Tales DVD to him.

And what elicited this reaction?

A basketball hoop!

A basketball hoop which is currently in our utility room because it snowed again last night and we have yet to figure out where we’re going to put it outside. The front of the house faces a very busy highway, so I don’t want to put it in the driveway, and the back of the house doesn’t have much for concrete. It’ll most likely go on the deck.

But the best present of the day had to be this:

A real Lightning McQueen bike!

He even tested it a little around the house.

It had to be put in the garage, though, because the kidlet kept wanting to try it out, and it’s too big for her.

Lighting the candles and getting ready to sing.

Happy Birthday! He blew them all out in one try.

The kiddo is at a great, if extremely trying, age. He is very curious and is always asking a million questions. Seriously, it seems like a million questions some days. And some of the questions are tough, like “what is God made of” and “how do babies get into their mommy’s tummy?” (really didn’t want to have to get into that one already!). He has outstanding logic, and usually uses it to figure out a way he can always be “right” when we tell him something different than what he wants to hear. He’s also been fronting quite an attitude at times, which is frustrating. Overall, he’s a great kid, and too smart for his own good sometimes.

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