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March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends!

Sadly, I have no Irish in my heritage (or if I do, it’s minimal). I’m majority German, with some Scottish, English and Bohemian thrown in just to make it interesting. While I do enjoy my German heritage (good beer, wine and sausage!) it’s not quite as fun as those who are lucky enough to be Irish. Even my redheads can’t claim any Irish, despite their flaming hair.

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Ireland when I was in college. It’s an absolutely beautiful country with amazing people, history and landscape. Four days wasn’t nearly enough to take it all in. I had my obligatory Guinness in the pubs (back before I started drinking, and enjoying, stouts), had some bangers and mash and enjoyed the lilting accents. Hoo boy, those Irish accents will get me every time.

I don’t have many photos scanned from that trip (that was back in the stone ages of film camera) but I do have this one:

Me kissing the Blarney stone. No, I don’t ‘want to think of how many people kissed that rock before me and how many germs were spread. And I don’t think it offered me the gift of gab, either. But it makes for a wonderful memory.

The hub and I would really like to take a trip to Ireland at some point. It will have to wait awhile, perhaps even ten years or more, but we will make it eventually.

I decided to put the corned beef and cabbage on hold (even though that’s an Americanized St. Patrick’s Day meal) because the hub is gone today. Perhaps it’ll be postponed until this weekend. Or maybe I’ll make shepherd’s pie, or a boxty. If lamb were more readily available around here, I’d make a lamb stew like I did last year. The kiddo is decked out in green from head to toe (including his shamrock socks my parents got for him on their trip to the Emerald Isle). The kidlet is rocking green pants with polka dots, and I’ll be sure to don something green, lest I get pinched by a leprechaun. The kiddo is determined to look for a rainbow and find the pot of gold. Maybe we’ll do something fun after we get back from shopping this afternoon.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Turn on some Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys, raise your Guinness (or Harps) and drink one with me. Sláinte!

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