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On a Break

April 7, 2011

Or completely lazy. That’s how I’ll explain my two-week absence. I just haven’t had the motivation to sit at the computer and post. I blame it on the fact that the hub finally got a desk and moved all his work stuff down to his “office” (and by office I mean a corner of the spare room in the basement that currently stores all the boxes and things we never got around to unpacking after the move). It was nice being in the same room with him while he was working, even if we were sharing a 3×8 foot table as a desk.

I think Mother Nature has finally relented and spring is here to stay. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday, and the rain the forecasters threatened us with all weekend never made an appearance. We were able to get some much-needed yard work accomplished around the outside of the house, and the kids had a blast playing in the yard.

The kiddo first made a “castle” out of old bricks we’d hauled up from our old house. These are actually from the foundation of an old dairy barn on the farm where the hub grew up and I think he has a bit of a sentimental attachment to them. He used them as edging in a sidewalk at our old house and would like to use them in some fashion up here.

The hub broke out some rakes and shovels to clear out old leaves and debris that had settled in some of the landscaping around the house. The kidlet wanted to help. Approximately three seconds after I took this photo, she was yelling at the hub to carry the shovel because it was “too heaby”.

The kidlet didn’t have as much trouble handling his shovel, and was excited to help the hub scoop up the leaves and toss them into the bed of the pickup so the hub could haul them off to the landfill.

His first attempt at scooping, though valiant, was ill-timed and resulted in more leaves on him and on the ground than actually in the truck.

After a little guidance from the hub, the second (and third and fourth) attempts were much more successful. I think he’d have gone on all day if we’d had enough leaves.

Although I miss all the lovely plants and flowers we’d planted at our old house, we’re kind of excited to see what we have growing around here. I noticed the rosebushes to the east of our house are starting to green again. I have absolutely no idea how to care for roses, though, so this could be interesting.

It looks like we also have some tulips in a random plot in the middle of our front yard, along with some mums. Those will probably get transplanted later this fall to a different location. They look a little weird where they are.

The irises we brought up from our old house and planted last fall also seem to have taken hold. The ones at the far end were here when we moved. They look smaller so I’m assuming they’re more like a Dutch iris as opposed to the bearded style we brought.

We also have some peony shoots sprouting in a far corner of our yard, which makes me happy. The peonies at our hold house were probably the hardest for me to leave, considering we’d planted them from seed and they were just starting to get established when we moved.

The hub also borrowed a tractor and rototiller from my parents and enlarged the [small] garden area the previous owners had. I don’t know how we’ll do this first year, but I’m excited to try our hand at raising more than the small amount of tomatoes and peppers we had room for at our old place.

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