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Biking fools

April 10, 2011
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Because the weather was so gorgeous last weekend, we promised the kiddo that we would take his bike and the kidlet’s tricycle down to the farm so they could practice riding around in some areas without traffic. He was very excited.

Thankfully, there is plenty of cement between the bins on the farm because, as the kiddo found out, it’s kind of difficult riding on gravel.

He’s getting pretty good, though he occasionally leans over a little too far, even for the training wheels.

The kidlet isn’t quite there yet on the whole pedaling thing. I don’t know if her seat’s too far back or if she just hasn’t grasped the concept. At any rate, it’s easier just to yell “Help me!” until someone goes and gives her a push.

The cattle didn’t know what all the commotion was about. They watched us warily from the safety of their lots.

Spooky the cattle dog wasn’t quite sure what to think of all the action either, but she was grateful for the attention the kiddos gave her. Anytime they would get close, she would roll over on her back, begging for a good belly scratch.

Of course the kidlet would stand up the second I snapped the picture. She had been squatting next to Spooky for a good 30 seconds, just chatting away.

Good, old Spooky.

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  1. April 11, 2011 4:23 pm

    Nice to see you back. My kids are in exactly the same place with their bikes. We went riding yesterday. The big one tipped over and scraped her knee. We pulled the little one’s trike by a rope leash, which was unbearably cute, but also very high-maintenance.

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