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April 26, 2011

We spent Easter at the ILs this year. The kids always love going to the farm and my MIL/FIL never fail to produce a filling Easter dinner feast.

This may be one of the last times we get to spend on their Century Farm as they recently bought a house in the nearby small town. As much as they (and we) love their 130-year-old farm house, it’s definitely seen better days. In fact, the kiddos had a massive bed-jumping session Saturday night and the hub discovered three new cracks in the downstairs ceiling the next morning. So it’s time. But we’ll definitely miss the farm. It’s just so peaceful out there.

Thankfully, the ILs church doesn’t do a super early sunrise service like our home church does, so church was at the respectable hour of 7:30 am. That gave the Easter Bunny plenty of time to sleep in a little before she put together the baskets.

Dutifully checking out each other’s bounty.

The kiddo even left out some carrots for the Easter Bunny, who was nice enough to leave tracks on the plate.

The best thing about being at the ILs for Easter is the big egg hunt that occurs after all the dinner dishes have been washed and everyone’s had time to digest a little.

After the kiddos went to bed, the hub, FIL and MIL had the task of filling 66 plastic eggs with assorted treats – mostly M’n’Ms and jellybeans.

And then we got to hide them after dinner on Sunday. We make them pretty easy to find, considering the age of the finders only range from 6 to 2.

And they’re off!

The kidlet wasn’t really old enough to “get” egg hunting last year. This year it was much for fun for her.

Counting eggs to make sure everyone got the same amount.


We were just glad the weather cooperated this year. Despite only being around 30 degrees when we left for church, it ended up being a nice and sunny day, albeit still cool – only in the 50s.

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