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Our Princess

April 27, 2011

The kidlet has always been a girly girl – gravitating towards dolls and dresses even without prompting from us. Lately she’s been wanting to “make pretty” (which means getting into my makeup and generally causing a big mess) or put on her “lip stuff” (chapstick).

I think she would wear a dress and her patent black Mary Jane’s (otherwise known as “tap dance shoes” to her) every day if we let her. And sometimes we do. It’s easier than dealing with a major tantrum first thing in the  morning. Besides, she looks pretty darn cute in them.

She has totally bought in to the Princess hoopla – Disney or otherwise. She has scads of Princess books and dolls. She loves to listen to her “Princess Music” (a Disney station the hub set up on Pandora). She claims she’s going to go to Princess School when she gets older.

I know some parents don’t approve of all the Princessifying (yes, I just made up that word) of little girls, but I don’t think there’s any harm in it. She may prefer her dolls, but she’s just as comfortable playing with legos or tractors or trains. We’re teaching both the kiddos that girls can do pretty much the same things that boys can.

I heard some noises coming from the dining room, and when I peeked in, this is what I saw:

Princess Kidlet in her dress and crown, laying on the dining room floor intently watching (and rewatching) the trailer for Angry Birds on the hub’s phone.

She loves that thing – the Angry Bird’s trailer (and her daddy’s phone).

A rare smile! She’s very picky when she gets her photo taken. Sometimes she’ll cheese it up for the camera, but mostly she refuses to have her picture taken.

Our little sweetheart princess. She may be a handful at times, but she’s spunky and funny and we love her so much.

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