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May 16, 2011

My sister finally had her baby last Friday. A beautiful baby girl.

Now, I’m a little disappointed in my intuition. I really thought it was going to be a boy. I was spot on with her other two children – both girls – but this one I really thought was a boy. She sure surprised us!

I’ll admit, I already feel a connection to sweet baby A. We’re both the youngest of three girls. We both share a name (kind of – her first name is very close to my middle name). We both were born two days before our oldest sister’s birthday. We’re both much younger than our other sisters (I’m seven and four years younger than my two sisters, baby A is eight and almost six years younger than her two older sisters).

I can teach her the finer points of being the youngest: how to annoy your older sisters; how to get what you want by crying; how to play independently because your other sisters are too busy with their own things to play with you; and how to get into your older sisters’ things without them [usually] knowing.

We’re all so happy for my sister and her family! I got to meet sweet baby A yesterday at her oldest sister’s birthday/first communion party. I always forget how teeny-tiny newborns are. Well, normal newborns, anyway. I have behemoth babies. The kiddo was 8lb 11oz when he was born (around 10 days early) and the kidlet was 10lb 6oz when she was born (about 5 days early). I’m somewhat afraid for what will happen if/when we have kid #3.

Welcome sweet baby A! We’re so happy you’re here.

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