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How does your garden grow

June 2, 2011

We planted a garden this year. A proper garden, not just tomatoes and peppers in pots like we’d done the past eight years in our old house (that’s all we had room for).

The previous owners had tilled up a small area they used as a garden, but it had been neglected the year the house sat empty and was looking pretty rough. The hub tilled up an area of the lawn adjacent to that so we had a nice-sized garden.

The soil is still a little rough – it needs a good winter and another good tilling in the spring with some compost, but it’ll get there. It measures about 14’x24′.

I may have been a little overzealous with my planting. We have tomatoes.

Only 20 of them. In my defense, they were sold in packs of four, and I just got five packs of four, not really thinking how many tomato plants it would be. They now have their cages around them for support.

We also have kale.

I’ve never had kale, but it looked easy to grow and I’ve heard good things about roasted kale chips. I’ll need to thin these out in a few more weeks.

Some spinach.

These will also need to be thinned in a few weeks. I planted carrots above the spinach, but didn’t take any pictures of those – they’re right in the middle of the garden.

Ground cherries.

I’m very excited about these. I have fond memories of picking ground cherries at my grandparent’s house and popping them straight out of their paper husks into my mouth.


I think I planted two different kinds; a butternut and an acorn. I don’t remember where I put the seed packets now. I guess it’ll be a surprise when they grow.

Green beans.

Two different kinds as well. Only the stinking rabbits have discovered the shoots and have nibbled away at about a quarter of them. I put some cayenne pepper on the plants at the suggestion of my mom and the hub bought the fencing to put around the garden, he just needs to cut the posts.

Along with all those, we also planted cucumbers (two kinds), eggplant, two muskmelon, green peppers, hot peppers, basil, sage, parsley, cilantro and mint.

Now the hard part is going to be waiting for everything to grow!


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