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Feeding time!

June 30, 2011
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I love having the robin’s nest to close to our house, even if I get scolded by the mom and dad robin every day when I water my petunias.

It’s like having our own version of Mutual Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (small town America version) right outside our door.

The other day I took a few pictures of the parents feeding the babes.

You can kind of see the little head sticking straight up, mouth wide open, waiting for its lunch of chewed up worms and bugs. This was the closest I could get with my zoom, otherwise the mom would take off from the nest and scolded me from 10 feet away.

The parents were out on another scavenging trip this morning when I decided to water the petunias and check to see how the babies were growing.

Even in just a few days, they’ve changed! They’re not quite so scraggly, and have a bit more down and fuzz on them.

Still alien-esque, but looking a little more like birds.

I also got a laugh while I was watching the mom feed them this morning. There was one baby with his head over the side of the nest, like he was too tired to lift it up to eat. The mom pecked at him a few times and I could just imagine him saying “Maaaa! Just five more minutes, ‘kay? Zzzzzzzzz.” Of course, as soon as the mom took off to look for more food, he was up, beak open, wanting breakfast. Even in the bird world, kids are still the same.

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