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They’re getting all growed up!

July 6, 2011

The baby robins outside our house are growing very quickly. In just barely 10 days or so they’ve gone from scrawny naked blobs to almost feather-filled birds!

Just a day or two after hatching.

About five or days after hatching.

Maybe eight or nine days after hatching.

And this morning! (We’re guessing eleven or so days after hatching).

The poor things are squished in that tiny little nest and mom and dad robin are more often than not out looking for bugs, worms and other tasty treats to feed their demanding children.

“Is that my wing or my sister’s wing? I can’t tell!”

Mom and dad are never far away, though. Every time I go out to water or take pictures I get a firm scolding.

They are good parents, that’s for sure. It can’t be much longer, though, before the babies get kicked out of their nest. There’s just no more room!

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