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Bye Bye Birdie(s)

July 8, 2011

I noticed yesterday that some of our baby robins had jumped out of the nest into the main part of my hanging basket. I don’t blame them, it was getting awfully crowded in there!

However, when I opened the front door to get a better look and maybe some pictures – three of the birds jumped and coasted down to the ground. And then proceeded to hop/half fly across the yard!

We live on a fairly busy highway through town, and I was concerned one of the babies might meet an untimely end, but I think they all made it across safely. Where they are now, I’m not sure.

There was one little guy still in the nest, though, probably all squished from being sat on by his siblings. I was afraid that the mom and dad would abandon him in their search for the other babies, and they still hadn’t returned when I went to bed last night.

But they were there this morning when I got up, and the last baby bird was sitting up, spreading his wings, and getting an early breakfast snack from one of his parents.

“Aahhhhhh. Now I have the bed all to myself!”

I don’t think it’ll be much longer before he strikes out, too. It’s so amazing to think that barely two weeks ago, there were just four little bright blue eggs. Soon, it’ll be an empty nest (which is getting taken out of my petunia plant as soon as I know they’re gone for good, sorry robins). It’s been fun to watch the process and show it to the kids, though the hub thought I was going a little overboard worrying about the lonesome baby last night).

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