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Garden update – early July

July 11, 2011

With the typical Iowa heat and humidity in full effect now, our garden has really taken off.

We have lots of little green tomatoes popping up on our multitude of tomato plants.

And even more blooms waiting to become little green tomatoes.

Our tomatoes are getting very large, and very crowded. Next year we won’t buy quite so many, and we’ll space them out a little more. And maybe get sturdier cages.

We’ve got at least a dozen and a half squash blooms, with more waiting to open. We’re going to have squash coming out our ears.

I don’t exactly remember what kinds I planted anymore. Maybe butternut and acorn? It’ll be a surprise!

Our poor, poor green beans. Those darn, darn rabbits and deer!

We won’t have enough to can or freeze like the hub was hoping, but I think we’ll at least get a few good supper’s worth of beans. And next year we’ll know to put repellant down right away, so the beans have a fighting chance against nibblers.

Next to the beans are the cucumbers, and we are going to have buckets full of those. Which is good, because everyone in our family likes cucumbers.

Such pretty blooms.

Our ground cherries. I can’t wait for these!

We actually ended up planting eight ground cherry plants. The kidlet *had* to pick one on her own, and she ended up grabbing something that was marked as Sage. I figured, okay, we’ll plant it and use what we want and then dry some for the winter.

Surprise! It was actually another grouping of ground cherry plants. So not only will we have squash coming out of our ears and buckets full of cucumbers, we’ll have more ground cherries than we’ll know what to do with.

And our mint, which looks so pretty with the morning dew on it, but we fear is plotting a takeover of the garden, much like its cousin Creeping Charlie.

At least it smells nice!

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  1. July 11, 2011 2:15 pm

    Your garden looks awesome. Because of the stuff with my mom, I only planted one lonely tomato plant and a red bell pepper plant. Both seem to be doing pretty well. We also got many nice strawberries out of our patch, so that was a bonus. One weird thing has happened. I think a cucumber plant has come back. Is that even possible? I swear that’s what it is, but I’ll know more in a few weeks when the blossoms turn.

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