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Stormy nights and more bounty

August 7, 2011
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Slowly, but surely, we’ve been picking produce out of our garden. A few tomatoes here, a cucumber there, some herbs.

Last night we had a wicked storm blow through our town around 3 a.m. Generally, we’re somewhat ambivalent about storms – we get them every summer. But, as the hub was out of town and I was by myself with the kids, and the sky was turning all sorts of unnatural green, blue and pink colors from the constant lightning, I decided to wake up the kids and head down to the basement, just to be safe.

After about 30 minutes, the storm passed and we went back upstairs and attempted to get back to sleep. I had to stay with the kids in their room for about an hour before they were snoring again, but we managed. Once I got up for good in the morning (awoken by the sound of chainsaws cutting up branches that had fallen down in the yards of some of our backyard neighbors) I walked around outside and inspected the damage. Thankfully, aside from a few flattened plants in the garden, and no power for about four hours, we didn’t have any. No branches down, no trees over, not even much of a mess in the yard. (We discovered there was plenty around town, however, as we drove home from church.)

Some of my tomatoes and ground cherries were a little worse for the wear, but they’ll recover just fine (and never mind all the weeds. Weeding has not been a strong suit of ours this year.).

I went out later this afternoon to readjust some tomato cages and see what I could pick for supper tonight. I came away with a nice bowl full of red cherry tomatoes, little pear-shaped yellow tomatoes and one good cucumber.

I’m not sure what the yellow tomatoes are, but they’re very tasty.

When I bought the plant, I thought it would produce larger, more roma-sized tomatoes. Guess I was wrong! They go well with the cherry tomatoes.

We planted two different varieties of cucumbers. One has smoother skin and slightly larger seeds inside. The other has more bumpy skin, but smaller seeds. We haven’t had too many of the latter, I think some of those vines got crowded out by the squash that seems to be taking over everything.

This is one of the former variety of cucumber. Though I have cut them up and put them in a simple dressing of mayo, vinegar, sugar and dill, we actually prefer to eat them straight out of the garden, just washed, peeled and sliced.

The ILs decided to take a Sunday drive up to visit today, and brought some fresh sweet corn with them so I’m planning a supper of grilled hamburgers, potato salad, sweet corn, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, jell-o with fruit and monster cookies with ice cream for dessert. I love summer suppers!

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