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Caprese salad

August 23, 2011
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I’ve finally come to the conclusion that our garden is a hopeless mess this year. I mean, we’ve done okay with it despite overplanting, underwatering and letting it get overgrown with weeds. We had a decent crop of cucumbers, a few green peppers, some spinach very early on and enough herbs to use in various dishes and even dry for later. We have one or two green bean plants making a valiant effort at coming back – they even have some blooms on them. There are tomatoes galore and the butternut squash has basically taken over the part of the garden that isn’t covered by the tomato jungle. The ground cherries are doing well and we even have hopes of an eggplant, though probably not for another few weeks.

It’s definitely been a learning experience, and we’ve already got some ideas for how we want to arrange it next year.

We are certainly enjoying the produce we have grown, and isn’t that the point of a garden, after all? I think we’ve had tomatoes at pretty much every meal, have given quite a few away to my parents, and still have a bucketful that we just picked tonight. At some point we’ll have to figure out exactly how we want to preserve them, but for right now, we’re enjoying them fresh.

We’ve been wanting to have a caprese salad for a while now, but the grocery store in our little town doesn’t carry fresh mozzarella. I had to go to the big city yesterday to get some essentials and picked up a package there, so we could have it tonight for supper.

It was delicious! I’d had it before at restaurants, but it just tastes better when it’s your own fresh tomatoes and basil.

The hub even had a glass of wine with his supper (none for the 29-week-pregnant lady. Pout.) and I tried to convince him it was just like being in Italy. He didn’t buy it, though.

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