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Back to school

August 26, 2011
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Today was the first day of Kindergarten for the kiddo. We had a great summer, but he’s more than ready to be back in a routine, with friends, learning.

We had a brand new back-to-school outfit all picked out, including new shoes. The backpack is the same one he had last year for preschool. It’s still in good shape, and all they really use it for is to bring home papers and artwork.

The kidlet had to get in on the action, too, and picked out her own back-to-school outfit and wore her play princess backpack.

She is really going to miss her big brother while he’s at school. They’ve been constant companions and playmates all this summer. She’s not quite old enough to go to Preschool yet, but I did find some Preschool “workbooks” in the dollar section at Target (Love the dollar section at Target!) so she and I can have her own “school” while big brother is at his.

Don’t worry, in a few years, you will get to go to Kindergarten, too!

The elementary school that houses all the Kindergarten classes is only about five blocks away from our house, so we decided to walk since it was such a nice morning out. I hope it’s something we can continue to do every morning while the weather holds. Though, we really need to leave about 5-10 minutes before I think we need to leave, to account for little legs that don’t walk as quickly as mommy’s do. We made it, but *just* after the bell had rung. In some ways being a minute or so late was a blessing, though. It meant the kiddo had to put his bag away and get to his new classroom without any time to fuss or get worried (that went for mom, too). He gave hugs and kisses goodbye, lined up with his classmates and was off for the day. The kidlet and I made the five block trek back home, much slower this time.

Are you coming mom? We’re going to get donuts!

I promised her we could go get donuts as a special treat. It was only fair that she got to do something fun for the first day of school, even if she couldn’t actually go to school.

Plus, I really wanted donuts from the local bakery in town.

I hope the kiddo has a great first day at school. He has a few friends from his Preschool class in his Kindergarten class, plus another friend we know from church, so he’ll know some of the kids. We met with his teacher yesterday, so he was comfortable with her. I know it’ll take awhile for him to get used to the new routine, but I’m sure he’ll do well. The kiddo is more than ready for Kindergarten.

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