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Why I love my MIL

August 28, 2011

My in-laws came up to visit this weekend. The hub wanted FIL to help him rework some more plumbing in the basement so our kitchen sink no longer gurgled loudly any time we ran a load of laundry. MIL came up to see the kiddos and help me with whatever I needed.

I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful MIL, with whom I get along very well. I know that’s not the case for many married women out there, but I definitely lucked out in the IL department.

I realized as I’m nearing week 30 of this pregnancy, I have not done one darn thing to get ready for kid number three, aside from moving the kidlet out of the nursery and into a room with the kiddo. Most of her clothes were still in the dresser in the nursery, all of her shoes and diapers were still in the nursery. I had every intention of getting those things accomplished, but it seemed I never had the time or motivation (mostly the motivation part) to do them.

So that’s what my MIL did while the hub and FIL played plumber and went to a farm sale. She and I went through the dresser in the nursery, pulled out and sorted all the clothes for the kidlet, packed away what was too small/out of season/things she refuses to wear, and moved the rest over to her drawer in the shared room. We did the same with the clothes and shoes in the closet. We also went through and sorted out the kiddo’s clothes that were all too small or out of season and packed those away as well. Then my MIL pulled out everything from their shared closet and vacuumed it down while I moved storage for shoes into their room. Both rooms look much cleaner (or did for about 3 minutes before the kiddos were pulling out books and demanding Grandma read to them) and I feel like finally, something (no matter how small) is accomplished for number three.

She also folded the overflowing basket of laundry I’d been avoiding for almost a week (because I really, really, really hate folding the hub’s 843 million t-shirts. Hate.), played with the kids in the basement for hours so I could rest, and treated us to lunch.

Thank you MIL. I’m glad I married your son.

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