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Squashes and Sunflowers

September 25, 2011

With the weather getting cooler and it now being officially fall, we’re gleaning the last few items from our garden. We still have a whole bunch of tomatoes (most of which are still very green). Those we can always pick after the first hard frost (green or not) and let them ripen on their own.

We did end up having about three or four good handfuls of green beans. It was about enough for one supper (and even then only the kiddos got to eat them), but I was happy those weren’t a complete failure, despite their rocky start.

The ground cherries haven’t been as prolific as I thought they would be, mostly because once the fruit ripens, the husks dry and they fall to the ground, they roll under the carpet of creeping charlie and are snatched up by chipmunks or other little furry creatures. I have a better idea how to plant them next year. The few I have had take me right back to eating them at my grandparent’s house when I was younger and I’d really like to try making preserves with them at some point.

Our biggest success (aside from the tomatoes) is our butternut squash. We’ve easily got a dozen or so on various vines spread throughout the garden (and beyond).

We have long, skinny ones.

And short squatty ones.

And some that are just in between. Those can definitely stay on the vines until the first hard frost – and even beyond then – until the vine starts to whither and die. According to some knowledgeable friends of the hub, we’re supposed to store them for another two to four months before eating them, otherwise they can be a little watery. I’m sure some we’ll keep that long, but we might try one or two, just to make sure they’re okay.

About halfway through the summer, the kiddo also wanted to plant some sunflowers. Despite their late start, we had two that grew nicely and finally bloomed. One is about 5 feet tall, the other easily more than six feet.

They’re nice and cheery.

Next year we’ll start them a little sooner so the kiddo can enjoy them longer.

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  1. September 25, 2011 6:05 pm

    Oh, I simply adore the sunflowers. I can’t get ’em to grow like that in my yard…and I’ve been trying for 7 years straight!

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