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Goodbye old friend.

September 26, 2011

My much beloved (and well-used) iPod Touch (named Sweetums after the giant furry muppet – all our Apple devices have been named after muppets) went to the big electronics farm in the sky today. I don’t know what happened. It was working fine this morning, and I even used it during my shopping trip to Target. But when I got back to my car and plugged it in so I could listen to music on the way home, nothing happened. Dead. Kaput. Gone.

(author’s rendering of her dead iPod)

The hub got my iTouch for me for Christmas nearly three years ago. Since then, it was a daily part of my life. I used it to listen to music. I had an app that I used to count calories and lose the weight I gained when I was pregnant with the kidlet. I used it to train for various 5ks. I checked email on it, and facebook, and twitter multiple times a day. I played Angry Birds and Greedy Spider. I looked up recipes and watched videos. It was my alarm clock and timer, calculator and address book. It was the perfect mini computer/music player/planner/time waster in a nice, little shiny portable package.

The hub used to joke that Sweetums was my second husband, and that it was never more than 10′ away from me at any given time. That’s hardly true. There were plenty of times it was plugged into the computer and I was in the living room or another room all the way across the house. That’s easily 30′ or more!

When I got home and had time, I Googled what I could on dead iPods and tried the at-home fixes various sites recommended. None of them worked for Sweetums, so the next step would be to take it into an Apple store. The only problem with that is the closest one is 90 minutes away. We’d planned to go to the big city sometime, anyway, it just looks like it may be  sooner than later. We’ll see if there’s any hope for my iPod (I doubt it) and then decide what the next step is – buy a new one, buy an iPad or wait and get an iPhone at some point. Though, we’d have to wait another year for our current cell plan to expire in order to upgrade phones at a reduced rate because there is no way in heck I’m paying full retail for an iPhone, no matter how cool it is. I don’t think I can wait that long.

RIP Sweetums. I’ll miss you.

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