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Thomas and his Friends

October 7, 2011

A few weekends ago, we did our annual trip to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railway for their Day out with Thomas event. We’ve gone to this the past few years, and the kids always have a great time.

The last few times we went, the weather cooperated and it was sunny and gorgeous out. This year we weren’t so lucky. It was rainy and dreary and kind of chilly. But the kids still had a good time, despite the rain.

There’s always the train sets to play with (even though we have most of the same trains at our house – it’s always more fun to play with them somewhere else).

This year the kiddo consented to getting a temporary tattoo. He’d never wanted them before. However, it was the kidlet’s turn to refuse a tattoo, even though she was willing to get one last year.

They even shared nicely with the ink and stamp sets.

They were thoroughly entranced by a short Thomas movie.

It started to rain enough that we broke out the umbrellas. Thankfully, we’d put the kids in their rainboots, too, so they got to do some splashing as we walked around.

Finally, it was our turn to ride on Thomas! (More specifically a train being “pulled” by Thomas.)

The windows on the train cars were foggy from the rain and the warmth of the people on the ride. The kidlet had fun drawing and feeling the condensation on the window.

And the kiddo had to tell daddy a secret.

After a fun, but slightly bumpy ride, it was time to go dry off and eat a delicious supper at a nearby favorite restaurant, Hickory Park in Ames. But not without getting one last photo of the kiddos with Thomas.

They just look like they’re having a barrel of fun, don’t they? It had really started to rain by this point, and they were ready to go. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but their expressions (especially the kidlet’s) just kill me.

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