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Long overdue bathroom update

October 8, 2011

It’s been awhile since I posted any update about our much-needed ’50s pink bathroom renovation. (You can find earlier posts about the renovation here and here).

We’ve actually had a [mostly] completed bath since the end of August, but there were little finishing touches that I wanted to get done before taking pictures and posting about them. They finally got done last week before the kidlet’s third birthday party. Nothing like having a group of people over for a little motivation.

I love how the bathroom turned out. It looks so nice and bright compared to the pink. It’s clean and classic and just feels refreshing. It was a lot of hard work (especially for the hub, who did a great job mostly by himself) but by doing the work ourselves, with some help from family, we were able to keep the costs very low.

Just as a reminder, the before:

And the finished result:

What a change, huh?

Here’s a closer look at some of the pieces. I’ll provide the links to where we got them where I can.

Vanity with double sinks. After not liking any of the sinks I saw in big box home stores, and reading unfavorable reviews on some of them, we ended up ordering a sink from a home store in the nearby city. It’s a composite material and was very reasonable in price. It was also made-to-order, so we could fit it exactly to the dimensions of the vanity.

Close up of the faucets on the sink (the faucet/shower head on the tub matches these as well).

Storage underneath the vanity.

By going to a double sink, we did lose some storage, but there’s still plenty of room in the cupboards under the sink for the necessities – cleaning supplies, toilet paper, bath toys and other odd and ends. I found a basket at Target that fit in the shelves between the cupboards and that’s where I store my hair dryer and other styling tools that won’t fit in the cabinet over the toilet.

Speaking of the cabinet over the toilet, here it is:

I’ve kind of taken that space over as my “beauty” storage – it’s where I keep my makeup and smaller styling supplies, including curling/flat irons. I have had to learn to make sure the lid to the toilet is closed before I try and get anything out, however, as my flat iron took a swim in it one day as I was trying to get it out of the cabinet. I really wanted a new flat iron, anyway.

Tub/shower area with new curtain rod and shower curtain.

The hub wanted a curved curtain rod for the extra space, the shower curtain we had from our old house.

The light fixtures and medicine cabinets.

I’d actually ordered the light fixtures with three lights, but when we got them, we discovered they were far too long for the space, so those went back and we got the two-light fixtures. They fit the space perfectly and give off plenty of light. I’d also planned on getting slightly different medicine cabinets, but when we went to the store to get them, they only had one in stock. They had two of the straight rectangular medicine cabinets, however, and they were on sale. so we ended up with those. The storage space inside was exactly the same, and they look great.

Towel bar

and robe hook (from the same line as the towel bar, but there doesn’t seem to be a link online anymore.)

The toilet paper holder is from the same line as well, but I didn’t think anyone would really be interested in a closeup shot of that. The towel ring pictured in the photo with of the vanity/sinks also matches.

I had the most difficult time matching hardware to the faucets. The faucets are a very dark oil-rubbed bronze with minimal antiquing. The first set of towel bar/toilet paper holder/towel ring I bought was way too light and didn’t match at all. The set I ended up with is closer, but still not perfect. We’re probably the only ones who can tell, anyway. The same went for the knobs I have for the cabinets, as well (which I can’t seem to find online anymore, either).

One of the best things about the reno was that the hub put in a heated flooring system.

The system was purchased at Menards, and very easy for the hub to install. It’s so nice to step out of the shower and onto a nice, warm tile floor. The thermostat we bought isn’t programmable, however, so we have to remember to turn the floor off once we’re done in the bathroom.

The finished tile floor.

We purchased the tile from a flooring/tile store in a nearby city. I couldn’t find anything at a box home store that matched what I had in mind, but the flooring store had exactly what I wanted (everything I saw had tan/beige shades. I wanted more white/gray). It’s a porcelain tile, and was very reasonable – it ended up being around $2.80/square foot. The hub installed it himself, borrowing a wet saw from his brother to make cutting easier.

As far as the rest of the materials goes, the bead board we bought at Home Depot in 8′ sheets, and then had them cut down to the length we wanted. It came already primed, so we just had to put a coat or two of white on it. The wall color is Night Wind from Valspar but I had it matched to the Dutch Boy Refresh Paint found at a local Menards. I liked the fact it was a low/no VOC paint, plus there was a rebate on it at the time.

The trim along the top and bottom of the bead board, the hub bought from the local lumberyard in our small town and then cut, primed and painted to match. The vent fan/light in the ceiling was a generic one purchased at a box home store.We kept the trim around the window and door the original stain color. The toilet was recycled from my parent’s house; they installed some new toilets around a year ago, and kept the old ones in the basement. It was only a few years old and worked just fine, all it needed was a new wax seal and interior tank system, which was a cheap and easy fix. The new bath mat and small hand towel were from Target.

We didn’t keep on the schedule we hoped (kind of difficult when the main one doing the work also has another full-time job), but it turned out great and we love how it looks. Our next big project to tackle will be the kitchen, but I think we’ll wait until next year to start that.

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  1. Karen permalink
    October 10, 2011 5:22 pm

    It looks greats! I have bathroom envy now :o)

  2. October 11, 2011 10:01 pm

    You’ve done a great job!

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