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As You Wish

October 14, 2011

I’m to the point in this pregnancy where I need to start making lists and packing for the trip to the hospital. I’m currently approximately 36 and a half weeks, and the baby could come as soon as next week and be considered full term.

I seem to be the opposite of most females and tend to underpack for any occasion. That includes the hospital bag. I seem to bring only the bare necessities, and very rarely splurge on anything new. I’ll probably pack the comfy yoga pants that are a staple in my around-the-house wear, a comfy shirt and hoodie, my iPod, some toiletries and the flannel rose-print bath robe I bought for $4 on clearance at Target before I had the kiddo 5.5 years ago. The only time I seem to wear it is in the hospital while giving birth.

But one thing that definitely is going in the bag is this movie:

It’s one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I think at one time I could quote the entire dialogue verbatim, and can still remember a good chunk of it without prompting.

It also has become a tradition to watch this movie while I’m in labor at the hospital. We watched it while I was laboring with the kiddo (when all the hospital had was an old VHS tape/player in the room) and then pulled it back out when I was laboring with the kidlet (by that time, 2.5 years later, they’d upgraded to a dvd player).

Keep in mind that I’m a total weenie when it comes to pain and practically request an epidural the moment I step in the hospital, so watching the movie was a good way to pass the time while I waited, blissfully pain-free, for my body to do its thing. The hub and I were trading movie quotes and I would occasionally nod off to the sound of the background music or sword fighting. Maybe me watching that movie with both kids explains how goofy/funny/weird they are sometimes. I mean, it couldn’t be the fact that both parents are a little goofy/funny/weird, could it?

Earlier this week, Good Morning America brought together what remaining cast members they could for a Princess Bride reunion segment. Even just seeing that little bit made me want to break out the dvd and watch it with the kiddos. Such a great, iconic, family-friendly (mostly, I remember being shocked the first time I heard the line about Princess Buttercup’s perfect breasts) movie.

The Princess Bride is definitely going in the hospital bag and the hub and I will watch it while we wait for kid #3 to make his/her way into the world. It’s worked well for us so far, why break with tradition?

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