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She may not have hair has black as ebony

October 25, 2011
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One of the kidlet’s favorite things to do lately is put on her princess dress-up costumes (complete with matching shoes) and parade around the house pretending to be various princesses. Her usual go-to outfit is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, but today she pulled out her Snow White costume.

She also spied an apple on the counter (packed for the hub’s lunch yesterday, but he never got around to eating) and decided she wanted that for a snack. This resulted in some too-cute photo opportunities (which rarely happen anymore as the kidlet isn’t fond of having her photo taken).

Snow White, asleep on the bench after taking a bite (or four) from her apple.


Take a picture of my shoes, mommy!

The infamous apple.

Where’s my handsome prince?

Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep eating this apple!

I have really enjoyed my time at home with the kidlet. Despite her occasional tantrums and fits of independence, she’s a funny, sassy, imaginative little girl. As much as I’m looking forward to [finally] having this baby, I will miss the one-on-one time with my sweet baby girl. I know she’ll be a great big sister, even if she doesn’t get the baby sister she’s hoping for.

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