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I’m one of the crazy ones

November 26, 2011

Who was up and in line at midnight on Black Friday to shop for [Mega!] Deals.

It’s something I’d done the past couple years (only at the more respectable hour of 4am) and have managed to get the majority of our Christmas shopping completed in a few short hours.

I figured this year might not work out with the addition of kid3 three weeks ago, but as the only two stores I wanted to go to opened at midnight, and I wouldn’t be gone more than three hours (which is about the longest stretch of time kid3 sleeps) I made it happen.

I don’t mind the craziness, as long as its controlled. I’m not going to complain about long lines or idiots in front of me – I know what I signed up for by participating in the madness. I generally don’t want TVs or any of the big-ticket items that people are knocking each other down for. I stick with the small electronics and the toys, with a few other good buys thrown in the mix.

The parking lot at the Target I go to in the big city was completely full by the time I got there just before midnight. I figured it would be full as I was going so close to opening, but didn’t think it would be as jam-packed as it was. The line wrapped completely around the building to the back, and was two- to three-persons wide.

But once the line started moving, it went quickly, and within 20 minutes my fellow shoppers and I were inside the store, scrambling for our respective desired items. I got the dual travel DVD system I wanted (necessary for the older two kids on long car rides, and our current system had about reached the end of its lifespan), some things for the kids, picture frames and a new sleep and play for kid3. After an hour an a half (a good 50 minutes of that spent waiting in some sort of line, either to get into the store or to check out), it was off to the next place.

That was a chain department store at the mall for the kids’ Christmas pajamas, a few more things for kid3 and part of the hub’s present. Since it was well after midnight by the time I got there, the crowds had thinned out some, and the store was relatively easy to navigate. I got what I needed there and was on my way home just after 2 am. Kid3 had slept the whole time I was gone.

A few more online purchases and the kids presents are completely finished, save a few small stocking stuffers. I still have a few more things in mind for the hub, and then something for the person I drew for my family’s “secret Santa” gift.

So now I have all of December to enjoy the holiday season. Today is decorating day for our house; sometime next week we’ll go to a local Christmas tree farm and pick out our tree.  Then there’s all my holiday baking, Advent calendar treats, traditional Christmas movie watching and something new we’re going to start with the kids – Elf on a shelf.

It’s my favorite time of year; bring on the non-stop Christmas music!

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