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Hands free

December 1, 2011

Kid3 is four weeks tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four weeks already. It doesn’t seem like four weeks. Sometimes it feels like it’s barely been a few days, and sometimes it feels like he’s always been a part of our family.

That also means it’s been four weeks (minus the two days I was in the hospital) that I’ve been sleeping on the chair in the living room, waking every 2-4 hours to nurse/feed him. Nursing doesn’t come easy for me; my body doesn’t produce enough milk to sustain kid3 by itself, so we have to supplement with formula. It’s not something I am happy about, but we do what we have to do. I had the same issues with the other kiddos, so it’s not like this is something new for us. But that’s a post for another day.

So I’m lucky if I get 30 minutes here or an hour there off the chair to eat, shower, make supper, and tend to the rest of my family. Occasionally, we even get out of the house to go to Storytime, the grocery store and once, I even got to go to the big city (with help from my dad, of course. Thankfully, kid3 slept through the whole trip).

I’d tried babywearing with the kidlet with limited success; my mom had made a pouch sling, and we used it sometimes, but I never quite got the hang of it and was always afraid the kidlet couldn’t breathe.

My sister had made her own wrap when my youngest niece was born and seemed to like that. It was fairly inexpensive and easy to do – no sewing required. So I wanted to try it with kid3. Hobby Lobby had a great deal on jersey knit fabric, so I was able to score 7 yards of plain black fabric for around $25, shipped.

I had to watch some YouTube videos to get the hang of wrapping it around my body 7 yards is a lot of fabric after all) but I finally got it figured out and got kid3 nestled in snugly. See?

(pardon the grainy quality of the photo, it was taken on my iPod touch)

I’ll admit, as much as I love snuggling with kid3, it’s kind of nice not to be stuck on the chair all the livelong day. Now I have both hands free do important things like fold laundry, bake cookies and blog! I know it’ll take more practice to get it consistent, but it seems to work well so far.

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