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Who’s got a beard that’s long and white

December 7, 2011

Our local library had their annual visit from Santa at the end of November. It coincides with the last storytime of the fall, so of course we had to go.

The kidlet was excited, she couldn’t stop talking about Santa. We thought maybe this would be the year she would sit on his lap.

Even once we got to the library and stood in line, she was still bright eyed about seeing the big guy in red.

But once we got up to the front, she immediately hid behind my legs and refused to come out. Even promises of a treat and a coloring book couldn’t entice her.

The kiddo, however, went right up and sat on Santa’s lap.

He keeps changing his mind on what he wants Santa to bring him. For a while, it was a toy hyena. But then he decided he didn’t want that anymore. Then it was a tie – like to wear to church. I told him we could get one before Christmas and he could wear it for the Christmas Eve program at church. He’s settled on a sleeping bag and some yet-to-be-named toy. Santa already bought the sleeping bag, but he needs to decide on the toy soon, because there are only 17 shopping days until Christmas and it takes a lot of planning to get Santa out of the house and to the store – especially with kid3 in tow.

The kidlet is easy. She wants a doll. More specifically, she wanted an American Girl doll with the bathtub and little dog playset. But, as much as I love my daughter, I’m not buying her a $100 doll with expensive accessories at age three. Thankfully, Target has a much cheaper version (like, under $20. Yes, please.) that I’m sure she’ll be just as happy with. We can think about getting an American Girl doll in a year or four, when she’s old enough to appreciate and play with it appropriately.

I love the Christmas season, but having kids and seeing it through them makes me appreciate it even more. I think next year we’ll do Operation Santa or adopt a family from an Angel tree so we can teach the kids that it’s not just about getting, it’s about giving, too.

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