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Happy Birthday to me!

January 4, 2012

I’m 33 today. Almost hitting my mid-thirties, which no longer feels that old to me. At least I’m not like my oldest sister who rings in her big 4-0 on Friday. (Just kidding, love you sis!)

It’s been a lovely, if low-key, birthday. The kiddos woke me up with whispers of “Happy Birthday, mommy!” The hub brought back donuts from the really good bakery in town (the New Year, post-baby diet can take a break for one meal) and bought me a lovely citrine necklace (kid3’s birthstone). And my mom stopped by with a really neat birthday bracelet made from antique spoons of her grandmother’s with my birthstone set between them.

I’m not cooking supper tonight, instead we’re ordering out Chinese food from one of the few restaurants in town. I’ve cooked plenty the last week, breaking in my Christmas present – a Le Creuset 7 1/4 qt French Oven – with some yummy soups. I’ll wax poetic about that beauty some other post.

And best of all, kid3 is two months today. We had a photo session to commemorate.

He’s been smiling and cooing a lot, which we love. We’re battling issues with reflux, so he’s not always a happy boy, but we’ll keep him.

It’s been a great day, I wish all my birthdays could be like this.

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