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This is how they do it on HGTV, right?

January 12, 2012

The hub and I are getting new furniture for our living room.

The sofa and chair/ottoman we have is around eight years old and has definitely seen its better days. With two rambunctious kids, a dog who likes to perch on cushions (and shed all over them) and a good-sized hub, they’ve endured a lot of wear and tear.

This should be exciting, right? I mean, I watch a lot of HGTV (a lot, the hub would agree) and it always looks so easy when Genevieve or Candace redoes a room.

But it’s not.

Our living room is long and narrow, with two open doorways, a largeish brick fireplace and a huge honking window that takes up a good chunk of the north wall. Trying to find furniture that both the hub and I like, is comfortable and within our price range is proving more difficult than we anticipated.

He likes the idea of a sectional. I think he likes it because the corner piece of a sectional would make for an excellent place to sit after the kids are in bed and play his xBox. I’m afraid it’ll break the room up and look awkward.

In order to help me visualize what it could look like, I measured the room (to the best of my abilities, it’s really long) including the doorways, window and fireplace and then plotted that (roughly to scale) on a piece of graph paper. Then I cut out pieces of furniture (also, roughly to scale) to arrange and rearrange in my paper version of the room.

It kind of works, see?

Option 1,with an L-shaped sectional.

Option 2, a regular sofa and two chairs

Option 3, a sectional with chaises at either end

Some things, like the piano and fireplace (obviously) aren’t moving. Others, like the TV console, side table and lamps, are movable depending on what we decide to get.

I always thought I’d like to be an interior designer, but this stuff is hard! I’m no closer to deciding which layout I prefer. I wish someone from HGTV would just come an do this for me. And while they’re at it, redo my kitchen as well. That’s the next project in line for our house – but not until the summer.

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