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Happy Birthday kiddo!

March 8, 2012

Yesterday was the kiddo’s sixth birthday. He started the morning bright and early, getting out of bed sometime before 7am (that’s early for us).

We’ve begun a birthday tradition in our house – birthday breakfast donuts from the really good little bakery in town. So the hub went and got those while I distracted the kiddo until he got back. He was appropriately surprised. Wish I would have thought to put a candle in it before he dove in. Oh well, there’s always next year.

(I don’t know what the bakery puts in their donuts – especially the donut holes, those little suckers are addictive, they’re so good – but we hope they never close.)

He got to bring birthday treats for his Kindergarten class (has to be pre-packaged, so I got Rice Krispie treats, which I thought were fairly innocuous. He then informs me he doesn’t like them. That was news to me!). I also went to school and ate lunch with him and then hung around for the post-lunch recess. When he got home, he had a brand new lego set to open and put together (with dad’s help).

This weekend we’re having a party for his [boy] classmates on Saturday and then family on Sunday. Man, I never realized how much time and money go into class birthday parties until I started planning them. The kiddo loves doing art projects, so he’s having an “arty birthday party” at a local kid’s store that has a back party room. He also doesn’t like cake with frosting (seriously, who is this kid? He certainly isn’t mine. Though, we do have a nice arrangement: he gives me his frosting and eats the plain cake) so we’re doing cookies and ice cream. Not quite sure how I’m going to get a “6” candle in a scoop of ice cream, but I guess I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

Despite being at a challenging age (dawdling, not listening, being silly when he’s not supposed to, did I mention the dawdling?), he’s a super, super kid. He’s extremely thoughtful and is a big pleaser. He wants everyone to like him and likes making people laugh (hence the being silly, sometimes when he’s not supposed to be). He’s doing great with his reading and writing, enjoys math and picks up concepts very quickly. The million and one questions can get tiresome at times, but we love that he’s so curious. He’s extremely detail-oriented – almost to a fault – and can get upset easily when he doesn’t do things “right” the first time. We’re working on that. He’s better than I am about staying in the lines when he colors, and even won a coloring contest at his school. It’s been fun watching him grow from this:

to this:

Happy Birthday, kiddo! We love you lots.

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