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May in March

March 18, 2012

The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous this past week. Temperatures in the 70s, sunshine and a nice breeze. It’s like it’s May, but in March. Crazy!

The kids have been loving it, too. No heavy winter coats! No clunky snow boots! No soggy snowpants! Kid3, the kidlet and I even walked down to pick up the kiddo from school a few afternoons last week and then stayed to play with some other kids afterwards. We hadn’t been able to do that since sometime in October.

Then, when we got home, the kiddos continued to play outside, sometimes the neighbor kids would wander over and they’d all play – on the slide, in the mud, in the tree – wherever!

The kiddo got some practice in climbing the (short) crab apple tree in our yard.

While the kidlet enjoyed digging in the dirt and making a “campfire”.

She said she’ll be able to climb the tree when she turns four.

It’s supposed to rain early next week, which is fine – we desperately need the moisture. But it’s been so nice to have windows open and air the house out. I just hope we’re not in for a big surprise in April, like a massive blizzard or a bad storm like they’ve had in the South. In another month or so, the hub will be out in the field, starting the work for planting!

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  1. March 18, 2012 3:43 pm

    I am also enjoying this summer weather in March here in Florida. Can’t wait to go to the beach in Spring Break!

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