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My favorite onesie

April 6, 2012
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Kid3 turned five months old this week. He’s growing so big and is entering the fun baby stage of smiles, laughs, raspberries and really loud, ear-piercing screeches. So maybe the last one isn’t so fun (that ranks right up there with the hair-pulling) but I do enjoy seeing him learn all the fun things he can do.

He’s also growing out of all his little baby clothes, which makes me a little teary knowing he’s almost certainly our last child.

I have one favorite onesie the hub and I bought on a trip to London nearly seven years ago. We booked the trip months in advance, before I’d even gotten pregnant with the kiddo. It was supposed to be our last big, fun trip together before we started trying to have kids. Instead, I got pregnant with the kiddo two months after booking it which meant I spent our “fun” vacation waddling around London in late December, 30 weeks pregnant. (Hint: massively pregnant, achy and hormonal does not a good travel partner make.)

The trip wasn’t without its moments, though. Spending New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square, watching the fireworks over the Thames, showing the hub some of the sights from when I did a work study program one summer in college, and buying this onesie for our future kiddo.

It’s simple, just the symbol for the London Underground.

But the backside makes me chuckle every time I see it.

Sadly, it’s already almost too small for kid3 to squeeze into, so it’ll soon get packed away with the other too-small clothes. But, whenever I finally get the motivation in a few years to sort through all the kids’ stuff and have a garage sale, it’ll be one of the things I keep. Maybe I’ll give it to whichever kid has a baby first. Maybe I’ll make a keepsake quilt out of it and other baby clothes from the kids. Maybe it’ll just stay stored in a box and I can get it out every so often and marvel at how small my kids were at one time.

He doesn’t know either.

Man I love this kid. He’s so easy going. Must be a third child thing.

He’s good at entertaining himself, most of the time. Whee, Feet!!

But when he’s done, he lets you know.


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