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Too fast

April 23, 2012

Kid3 is growing up way too fast for my liking. His milestones seem to be coming fast and furious now. He figured out how to roll over from belly to back around four months, and a few weeks later mastered back to belly.

Now he’s sitting rather well unassisted, see?

He still topples over occasionally due to the weight of his massive head (the hub and I quote lines from “So I Married an Axe Murderer” at him sometimes. I know, we’re mean.) but he’s doing really well.

And a few days after he perfected that skill, he started getting up on hands and knees and rocking back and forth.

See the space and shadow under his belly? And don’t mind the drool, as if sitting and getting on hands and knees wasn’t enough, he’s added teething to the mix. And our kids don’t just do the normal two-teeth-at-a-time deal, they go 6 all at once. The bottom two are already through and you can see the bumps of the top four, ready to push out soon.

He’s always had strong legs and loves to stand and jump. He’s still two weeks away from being 6 months!! Yikes!

Having him hit some of these gross motor skills so early is new territory. The kiddo was on the late edge of everything besides rolling – he didn’t walk until 16 months. The kiddo was more in line with average, but even she wasn’t crawling until 8-9 months. When we took kid3 into his 4m checkup, our ped said not to be surprised if he walked on the early side given how strong his legs are and the fact he has two older siblings to watch and mimic.

Guess its a good thing the hub dug the baby gate out of the garage this weekend, we’ll probably need to put it up sooner than later.

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