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Six Months!!

May 8, 2012

Kid3 turned six months old last Friday. Six months!! Wasn’t he just born like, yesterday?

He’s a great little guy – happy, smiley and generally easygoing, He loves to watch his older brother and sister run around (and they, in turn, like to play with his toys), sits well unassisted, gets in and out of a sitting position with ease, is starting to crawl (!) and is even attempting to pull to stand (!!).

Sleeping is still not the greatest – his naps only average about 30-40 minutes and he’s usually up at least 2-3 times during the night – but we’re managing with what we do get.

He has two teeth through on the bottom and four that are working their way through on the top. His favorite teething toy seems to be my shoulder (yeouch!). At his 6m well baby visit yesterday, he weighed in at a healthy 20lb 11oz and measured 28.5″, very close to what his older brother was when he was 6 months old. The Dr. proclaimed him “sturdy.” With the hub’s and my genes, it’s really all our children will ever be. Sorry kids, no lithe, willowy builds in this family, we are hearty, sturdy and statuesque.

Love my third little red-headed snuggle bug to pieces.

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