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Portrait of a young girl

May 16, 2012

The kidlet, kid3 and I have been occasionally taking the hub a lunch while he’s out in the field or down at the farm. This from one of those days last week.

It was a lovely day out – sunny but with a bit of a wind. She’s a tad overdressed for farmwork, but she had a blast taking daddy his lunch and having a “picnic”.

Here she and the hub are watching Papa (my dad) load seed onto a flatbed so it could be treated and then put in a wagon to be transferred to the bean drill for planting (did you follow all that?).

We’ve taken the hub his lunch a few more times since then, and she’s just as excited each time. The hub’s almost done with planting, though, and she’ll be a little disappointed we don’t get to have picnics out by the fields anymore.

He’s happy to announce his first attempt at farming [mostly] by himself is a success, so far.

They’re hard to see, but there are little baby corn plants popping out of the ground. Hopefully the weather will cooperate (we could actually use some rain) and they keep growing all summer.

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