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Oh Mexico

June 1, 2012

Last weekend one of my best friends from college got married.

At an all-inclusive resort.

In Mexico (just south of Cancun, in the Riviera Maya).

She was a sorority sister and the maid of honor at my wedding, so I felt it was my duty to share in her special day. Plus, the hub and I hadn’t been on a true vacation, just the two of us, since we went to London when I was 30 weeks pregnant with the kiddo. And, trust me, that wasn’t much of a vacation.

So I booked the plane tickets and the room in the resort back in February and figured we’d figure out who would take care of all the kids as we got closer to the wedding day. And we did. Our absolutely wonderful parents watched our three crazy children (one set of parents watched them for 2.5 days, the other set of parents watched them the other 2.5 days) and everyone survived (even if sleep was scarce some nights).

Neither the hub nor I had been to Mexico. The one year I went on spring break, I went to Panama City Beach, Florida (and by happenstance, that’s where the hub went as well, only about three years before I did). We also had never been to an all-inclusive resort, so we didn’t really know what to expect.

We arrived mid-afternoon the Thursday before Memorial Day. It was hot, sunny and humid, like late July in Iowa. I don’t mind that kind of weather, but my hot-blooded husband who would break out into a full sweat within 30 seconds of stepping outside our air-conditioned room was not a fan. He managed, though.

The resort was lovely. Mediterranean/Spanish style (to my uneducated eye, anyway) in bright colors with multiple pools, buildings and beaches.

We spent an hour or so after we arrived just walking around and acquainting ourselves with where everything was.

There were trees and flora everywhere you turned – bright flowers and palm trees.

The water sparkled off the water of the Caribbean, especially in the mornings, and it seemed there was always *something* out on the water – catamaran, sailboat, cruise ship.

The beaches even had little huts so you didn’t get completely fried in the sun.

We mostly stayed by the pool, though. Something about free drinks and a nice little snack bar by the pool closest to our room kept us there.

It was a lovely, relaxing trip. I think that’s the first time the hub and I have been able to sleep eight hours straight since before kid3 was born. We lounged a lot, ate too much, drank more than our share of daiquiris (me) and Corona (him). My friend’s wedding on the beach was threatened by rain, but it held off and she looked beautiful. It was a great wedding and we had a lot of fun meeting new friends.

While I don’t know if this is a vacation the hub and I would have necessarily chosen for ourselves (we like to lounge, but we also like to go around and see new places), I’m glad we had a chance to go and say we did it. Maybe for a later anniversary down the road, or another resort in the Caribbean.

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