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From fluffballs to feathers

July 2, 2012

The eggs in our hanging basket hatched a few weeks ago.

The went from fluffballs:

To fuzzy babies:

To full-feathered fledglings

in about two and a half weeks. As of Saturday, though, they’ve all flown from the nest. I went out to water the hanging plant and scared three out, and the next time I went to check the next day, they were all gone. It always amazes me how quickly the baby birds go from just-hatched little blobs to fat, feathered flyers.

The nest is a mess, though, and the plant basket is infested with a gazillion little mites from the birds, which makes it rather difficult to deadhead the geraniums in there without feeling like I need to douse my hands in alcohol or something afterwards.

We determined the birds were house finches once I got a good look at the parents; the male bird had the pretty red head/neck typical of the house finch.

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