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Scenes from a fair

July 24, 2012

Our local county fair was last week. It’s a big event for the community, lasting from Wednesday (sometimes even Tuesday night if there’s an extra Grandstand show) to Sunday. I’ll admit, I’m just a little biased in thinking our fair is one of the best mid-size county fairs in our state. After all, I’ve been attending it or have been involved in it for 33 years now.

I think we hit the fair at least once every day it was open last week. A few weeks before the start of the fair, the local paper prints a schedule and I’ll go through it and mark the things that I would like to see or take the kids to. The hub has just learned to go along and try to keep up.

Each day is usually “sponsored” by a different group. Thursday was Farm Bureau day, and they passed out free pork burgers and hamburgers to fairgoers. The line was long, but the wait was worth it!

Even though the kidlet thought it was a little bright out waiting.

After lunch, we got homemade ice cream (something we got every day!)

The kiddo had to test out the coffin outside the sheriff’s office at Pleasant Hill (recreated Pioneer town on the fairgrounds).

The midway offers wristband days (unlimited rides for 2 hours with purchase of a wristband). Both kids had a great time on the rides.

The kiddo participated in Clover Kids this summer, which is a kind of precursor program for 4-H. He was able to take a stuffed animal to the fair and have it “judged” just like the 4-Hers do.

Each year the fair tries to have a free animal show. This year it was tigers.

The older two were very intently watching the tiger show.

There was a scramble for the kids on Saturday morning. The kidlet got to chase and attempt to catch a rabbit. She was very persistent, and it paid off – she caught one!

The kiddo’s age group were given chickens to chase. He did great and caught one too! The first three kids to catch their respective animal got a coupon for a free ice cream (more yummy homemade ice cream!)

After the scramble, the kiddo tried his hand at the pedal tractor pull. He discovered it was a lot more difficult than it looks.

Kid3 enjoyed his first ride on the little “train” that goes around the fair.

The kidlet enjoyed having daddy ride along, too.

Walking through the livestock bards, we saw this goat valiantly attempting to eat the sign board.

And two cute little lambs.

We also got to see a “Wild West Show” on the Main Street of Pleasant Hill. Just one more fun, free attraction at the fair!

We also got to see the Figure 8 races, rodeo and monster trucks at various grandstand shows (races and rodeo were big hits, monster trucks, notsomuch – they were too loud for the kiddos). There were two nights of country artists (Oak Ridge Boys and Rodney Atkins) but the shows started too late to be able to go with the kids.

The fair is over for another year. Now we have the State Fair to look forward to!


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