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Back to school

August 28, 2012
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Summer’s officially over, and the older two kiddos are back in school. The kiddo is in first grade this year. First grade! They’re no longer the youngins of the elementary school. He has a fantastic teacher and a nice class. If only we could work on his listening skills. He told us last night that he’s already had to sit in the “take a break” chair for interrupting and talking out of turn.

Obligatory first day of school photo.

It was actually kind of chilly that morning, so the kiddo wore his jacket. And evidently, him wearing a jacket helped a friend of ours, who also has a son in first grade, win a cheeseburger bet with his son because the son Swore that No One would be wearing a jacket on the first day of school. Only kids with persnickity parents, I guess…

Kiddo also wanted to do a silly face photo.


This past Monday was the kidlet’s first day of Preschool. She just misses the age cut off for the district preschool, so we enrolled her in a local daycare preschool. They placed her in the four-year-old room despite not turning four for anther month. She was very excited to have her own [Hello Kitty] backpack and new [light-up] shoes to wear to school.

Big brother had to get in on the photo action, too.

They look so grown up! I swear they both grew half a foot over the summer.

Of course, we had to take a silly face photo, too.

I love the look the kidlet is throwing me, like “Mom, are you getting this? Are you done yet? Is my face gonna freeze this way?”

So three mornings a week kid3 and I are on our own. I have big plans for this “free” time, like exercising or cleaning the house. Or catching up on some much-needed sleep while kid3 naps!


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